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Winch Outs

This is a picture of a winch out.

Weather conditions in Richmond are quite mild compared to the rest of the country. We do get more than our fair share of rain. While the nation averages 39 inches of rain per year, we are blessed with 49. This fact creates loads of opportunity for floods and mud. When moisture comes into contact with cement and asphalt, it creates hazardous driving conditions.

We’ve all been there, recklessly pressing the accelerator in an attempt to get ourselves out of a muddy ditch. The more you press, the deeper the wheels sink. Enlisting innocent bystanders only makes matters worse because the likelihood of someone getting hurt is very high. Put your ego to the side and contact Richmond TX Towing & Recovery for our winch out service.

How It Works

Winch systems are powered by robust motors. A braided steel cable is wrapped around the motor. In times of need, the steel cable is attached to the stuck vehicle, the tow operator presses a button, and like magic, the winch slowly pulls the vehicle to safety. This method is much safer than enlisting innocent bystanders and family.

Using brute strength to push a vehicle to safety is likely to put someone at risk of a herniated disc. We’re sure you’ve seen someone’s foot get caught under a wheel once or twice as the car rolled backwards from sheer gravity. Avoid the drama and contact Richmond TX Towing & Recovery.

Little To No Damage

The best part about winch out services is that there is little to no damage to the vehicle. The tow operator doesn’t need you to steer the vehicle or press the accelerator. It is unnecessary to have some poor guy stand behind and push. Let the powerful winch motor do all the work.

If the vehicle is on its side, we may use airbags to upright it. It all depends on the location of the vehicle and surface. In very rare cases, some damage to the side doors is inevitable. If the vehicle is overturned, chances are that the body already has structural damage and further damage to remove it from its predicament may be unavoidable.


Heaven forbid that you should ever find yourself in a rollover situation. In these circumstances, the passengers and driver have been rushed to the nearest medical facility. If we happen to arrive prior to emergency services, our tow operators will use cones to block off the area and warn oncoming traffic.

It is our job to get the vehicle right side up. Depending on the location, road conditions and vehicle weight, we may employ the use of air bags to get the vehicle right side up. Our goal is to winch the vehicle to safety where it will not experience more damage or cause harm to any oncoming cars.

Benefits of Winch Out Services

Winch outs are fast, easy and safe. No one will herniate a disc and no one will get their foot caught under the wheel during the winch out process. Once our dispatchers receive the call to pull a vehicle to safety, we will either send a medium or heavy duty size truck for the job. The size truck we send depends on the weight and size of the vehicle. Please be specific with your request.

Our dispatcher will make sure she has all the details before calling the tow operator to the scene. You could spend 45 minutes with an innocent bystander trying to free the vehicle or you could call Richmond TX Towing & Recovery. In most cases, we will arrive in under 20 minutes and have the car freed in less than 10.

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