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Richmond TX Towing Service

This is a picture of a flatbed tow truck.

Richmond TX Towing & Recovery will never leave you stranded. Whether you have a tiny scooter or a tractor-trailer we have the capability to pull you out of a sunken hole and transport you to the mechanic of your choice.

We offer compassionate roadside assistance. Our dispatchers recognize that a flat tire, getting locked out of your car and running out of gas on a dark and lonely road can be frightening. They are prepared to stay on the line with you until a tow operator arrives.

Flatbed Towing

Richmond TX Towing & Recovery offers flatbed towing for light, medium and heavy duty vehicles. There are several benefits of flatbed towing when compared to traditional tow methods. Flatbed towing is safer for your vehicle. It is elevated off the ground and strapped to a steel bed which prevents any swaying into oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

If a traditional tow truck hits a bump in the road or a pothole, the towed vehicle will collide with the tow truck. Flatbed towing prevents this mishap from occurring. Flatbed towing minimizes damage to the transmission, ignition and engine. When you contract with us, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be protected with flatbed towing.

Transparent Pricing

One of the reasons why we are the favored tow truck company is because our pricing is transparent. You have enough stress in your life, without having to worry about whether or not you can afford necessary towing services. Some companies will quote a low price over the phone to secure your business. When the tow operator arrives and the vehicle is positioned on the bed, you are presented with a bill that is much higher than what was previously discussed.

We do not use this tactic to secure business. Each service has clear pricing based upon the type of service needed, geographical location, time required and estimated labor. For a detailed price list, contact us via email or phone.

Accurate ETAs

Richmond TX Towing & Recovery won’t ever leave you stranded. You can trust that we will arrive within 15 to 45 minutes. If we are unable to arrive within that specified timespan, we will give you the opportunity to contact another wrecker service. Your safety is our utmost concern.

You can rely on our estimated times of arrivals. We will not quote an unrealistic ETA to secure your business, only to arrive hours later. Our dispatchers realize that you may be in a precarious situation and that you have people counting on you. Our ETAs guarantee that you will be able to get back to you regularly planned life in less than an hour.

Tow Radius

If you are located within 15 miles of Richmond, TX, it would be our pleasure to get you out of a bad situation. We service the Houston, Woodlands and Sugar metropolitan area. In addition to basic towing services, roadside assistance is available within this particular geographical area.

If you have a flat tire, run out of fuel, lock your keys in the trunk or need a jumpstart, we can service your needs in less than an hour. Due to the size of our fleet, we are bound to have a truck located near you. In most cases we can arrive within twenty minutes.

Richmond, TX