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Heavy Duty Towing

This is a picture of a heavy duty towing.

Light duty towing encompasses scooters, motorcycles and mid size lawn equipment. Medium duty towing consists primarily of diesel pickup trucks, small buses, campers and other medium duty trucks. When you need heavy duty towing, you have to call in the big dogs.

Richmond TX Towing & Recovery has the capacity to tow, winch, deck and undeck the largest vehicles on land and sea. Within our fleet we have 2 heavy duty flatbed trucks and 1 heavy duty rollback. Our goal is to make your life easier. Contact us today to discover all your options.

Heavy Duty Towing Capacity

Some of our heavy duty services include heavy duty recovery, semi truck & tractor towing, and bus & motor coach towing. These are just a few of the services we offer. We only send our most experienced tow operators to handle heavy duty tow requests.

Heavy duty towing can be quite dangerous given the size and weight of the equipment and vehicles involved. Sometimes, getting these vehicles in alignment and onto the flatbed is like a ballet act. Delicacy and patience is key.

Commercial Service Contracts

Commercial service contracts are highly recommended. You know your business better than we do, but if you find that you will require our services at least five times annually, we suggest that you draft an commercial service contract with us. They are more economical and efficient than ordering our services a la carte.

In this way, we can make sure that a heavy duty vehicle is available to assist you. We will also make sure a towing operator is standing by in preparation for your towing needs. Service contracts also make billing easier. Instead of paying on the spot, your company will be billed monthly, quarterly or annually.

Area Covered

Our typical operation radius includes Richmond and 15 miles outside the city limits. Richmond TX Towing & Recovery also offers long distance towing when requested. Our experienced tow operators have engaged in long distance towing while performing generator pickups and deliveries, frac tank pickups and deliveries, UPS & FedEx truck towing and long distance semi truck towing.

If you are in need of long distance towing, let us know. The dispatcher will provide you with an accurate cost estimate via phone. We won’t send a tow operator to your location until you have confirmed the price. To explore all of your options, we invite you to give us a call.

Fast And Accurate ETAs

To be wilfully late is disrespectful of someone’s time and money. We will never promise you an unrealistic ETA. Our dispatchers realize that you are in a bind and would like more than anything to put this behind you and get on with your day. Once you make the call, our dispatchers will contact the truck closest to you. Given the size of our fleet and tow operators on staff, chances are there is a driver located within fifteen minutes of your current location.

Our drivers know the highways and byways of the Houston-Woodlands-Sugar metropolitan area like the back of their hands. We also use Waze GPS technology to stay abreast of daily construction detours and hourly traffic patterns.

Richmond, TX