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Full Wrecker Service

This is a picture of a full wrecker service.

Richmond TX Towing & Recovery is a full service towing company. We offer commercial towing, service contracts, winch out services, 24 hour emergency towing services, light to heavy duty towing, roadside assistance, flatbed and rollout towing. In addition to a plethora of services, our dispatchers and tow operators are trained to be empathetic and use active listening skills when assisting.

We realize that when our customers call, it is typically an emergency. Our dispatchers take their jobs very seriously and will provide you with accurate ETAs. Offering a full wrecker service means that we can tow any size vehicle for land or sea.

Types Of Vehicles

As a comprehensive towing company we are able to tow nearly any type of vehicle designed for land or sea. From the smallest scooter to the largest yacht, we’ve got the team and equipment to get the job done. Within our fleet of 10 tow trucks, we have 3 light duty trucks, 4 medium duty, 2 heavy duty and 1 heavy duty rollback.

Rollback trucks are particularly useful when one or more wheels is not functioning or when a vehicle is severely damaged. In the past, we have towed city buses, boats, jet skis, vintage cars and limousines, just to name a few.

Commercial Towing

We offer towing services for commercial entities. If you have a fleet of limousines, we know that you have a dedicated mechanic constantly servicing your vehicles to prevent any maintenance issues. Sometimes the worst happens when you least expect it. When it does, contact Richmond TX Towing & Recovery. In fact, we recommend a commercial towing contract to ensure that your vehicles are always taken care of.

In the past, our tow operators have assisted UPS and FedEx truck drivers. We do quite a bit of construction site towing and extractions, decking and undecking and driver evictions. Our team also has the capacity to perform fire truck and ambulance towing.

Winch Outs

Winching comes in handy whenever a vehicle is stuck in mud, sand or water. They are also useful when vehicles are located in a tight space and not in proper alignment with the truck. Fortunately, we have the mechanical capacity to use winching for light, medium and heavy duty vehicles.

We’ve all experienced being stuck in mud and attempted to extract the car by pressing the accelerator. Unfortunately, the more you press, the deeper you dig yourself into an unforgiving hole. No amount of brute strength can release you from the mud’s grip. This is precisely when you should call us. We can arrive within minutes to winch your vehicle out of this awful predicament.

24 Hour Towing Service

We happen to be in the business of assisting people during emergencies. It would be nice if emergencies occurred Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM, but they don’t. Emergencies happen when you least expect them. Most people are rarely prepared for the unexpected. Fortunately you have a qualified team of tow operators with heavy duty equipment, ready for anything that life might throw at you.

A tow operator is always on call 365 days a year during non traditional operating hours. Even in the dead of night and early frost of morning, you will be greeted by a courteous representative who will respond quickly to your requests.

Richmond, TX